The bathroom furniture is tinged with Peach Fuzz

Soft and enveloping, the new Pantone® Peach Fuzz colour makes home environments more welcoming, giving brightness and instilling a sense of quiet, tranquillity and security.

Peach Fuzz, synonymous with kindness, love and inclusion, is the Pantone® colour that will characterize the trends of 2024 and which we will also find in bathroom furnishings. A warm and comforting colour that will be the undisputed protagonist in the world of fashion, art and design.

Halfway between pink and orange, this new delicate and elegant finish fits harmoniously and delicately into the environments of our homes.

Arbi Arredobagno and Ibra Showers embrace this vibrant shade with numerous solutions capable of enhancing the personality of the bathroom. The Arbi lacquer range in fact offers various colours in line with the Pantone of the year, such as Tan Pink, Cachi, Blush, Skin, Spring, Petalo, from the coldest and most delicate tones to the warmest and most intense.

Not just bathroom furniture: Peach Fuzz also embraces the Ibra Showers world, fitting into the profiles of shower enclosure, which can also be lacquered in the finishes of the Arbi range, and in shower trays, such as the Synthesis model. 

The sophisticated and contemporary appearance therefore allows Peach Fuzz to adapt perfectly to bathroom environments furnished by the Arbi and Ibra Showers collections with extremely trendy functional solutions.