Since 1987 Arbi Arredobagno has been creating furniture with an exclusive made-in-Italy design. Quality, tradition and attention to detail are the key elements that, over the years, have led to the company occupying a leading position in the bathroom furniture sector.

Setting the benchmark in the bathroom furniture sector

The story of the brand is told through its pieces – a perfect synthesis of artisanal experience and advanced manufacturing technology – which over the years have evolved into collections at the cutting edge, accommodating the tastes and requirements of the market and anticipating trends. Quality, technology and research have always been the defining elements of Arbi that are found in all the collections of bathroom furniture. The production process starts with processing the raw materials and ends with the creation of a finished product featuring an exclusive design.

Italian quality in your bathroom space

Quality, as a way of approaching our work, every step of the way. Quality, as in bathroom furnishings by Arbi.

Expertise and research for modern bathrooms

In the past and still today, Arbi Arredobagno has in its DNA the search for quality, self-sacrifice for its own work and for its desire to continue to write pages of history made up of designs and passion. Beauty, versatility and quality: these are the values that guide the company in its constant search for innovative design, giving everyone the opportunity to have original, 100% made-in-Italy furniture in their homes. The strategic asset for showcasing the identity and celebrity of the brand found its form in the showrooms in Milan and Moscow which, a few years after their opening, showed themselves to be winning cards in initiating collaborations with architects, designers and interior designers.

Growth and innovation at Arbi Arredobagno

In 2017, with an eye on continually perfecting their products and the company structure, Arbi expanded the manufacturing site with a new 21,000 m2 facility where increasingly innovative machinery has been installed. A unique feature of Arbi remains the fact that its manufacturing is completely autonomous and highly mechanised. The software systems the company has at its disposal guarantee comprehensive monitoring of the whole production cycle from order to delivery. In 2020 the company launched ArbiLab, an area completely dedicated to training, which has always played a key role for the company. This had the aim of reinforcing the skills and technical know-how of all its representative, revealing the values and distinctive qualities of the brand. Constant research and technological innovation still play a central role in the company’s philosophy and have allowed times and costs to be optimised, improving quality standards and guaranteeing an excellent quality/price ratio for the products.

The thirty years of experience and skills of Arbi’s founders and the fact that, as of now, it is partnered with the Atma Group, one of the biggest furniture groups in Italy, are the elements that have led the company to its position as a benchmark in the bathroom furniture sector.

A solid group that continues to develop

The Atma Group stands as one of the stars on the national and international furniture market stage for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and more. Its extensive product range is testimony to the Group’s growth and the confirmation of its solid roots, the fruit of a rich past and a real passion for its craft. The Atma Consortium, founded in 1984, operates in the north-east of Italy and counts numerous production facilities, as well as a series of distinct corporate brands. It has over 1,000 employees. These are important figures that show the Group’s solidity as it continues to grow and develop. The Group’s mission is to create value and promote culture, via solutions that style themselves on different lifestyle models. It has a powerful, recognisable image. Its products are authentic, and testimony to made-in-Italy style.

Technological innovation for high quality standards

Technology, research and innovation have always been a primary objective for Arbi: bathroom units created with top quality materials and increasingly innovative techniques with particular attention to the environment. Technological innovation allows us to optimise costs and time, and therefore improve our quality standards.
Arbi has been putting all of this into practice for the past 30 years by:
1. producing and distributing its finished products using automated systems;
2. latest-generation machinery;
3. using software systems to control the full production cycle, guaranteeing comprehensive monitoring from order to delivery, for the customer and the company.

Innovation and research for designer bathrooms

At Arbi research, technology and innovation have been transformed into collections with that made-in-Italy quality for 30 years.