Bonton: I classici

The traditional framed door in solid wood, the protagonist of family memories, intimate and welcoming situations, warm and natural emotions, is interpreted in the light of a modern sensitivity and compositional versatility. From the most linear to the most refined shapes, with suspended volumes or on legs or feet, in an extremely wide range of colors and finishes for oak: the essence of elegance.

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Technical informations
Wood Elm Finishes
Essenza Oak
Crema Oak
Malto Oak
Castoro Oak
Inchiostro Oak
Masai Oak
Pastel Oak Finishes
Pastel Amour Oak
Pastel Etoile Oak
Pastel Marine Oak
Pastel Opaline Oak
Pastel Sablè Oak
Decapè Oak Finishes
Decapé Felce Oak
Decapè Menta Oak
Decapè Polvere Oak
Coloured Oak Finishes
Bianco Oak
Blu Lapponia Oak
Blu Provenza Oak
Bluriva Oak
Blush Oak
Brezza Oak
Burro Oak
Cacao Oak
Cachi Oak
Carruba Oak
Castoro Ottawa Oak
Cenere Oak
Ceruleo Oak
Corda Oak
Creta Oak
Dahlia Oak
Dust Oak
Eiffel Oak
Ghiaccio Oak
Glicine Oak
Grigio Baltico Oak
Grigio Bromo Oak
Grigio Efeso Oak
Grigio Londra Oak
Grigio Manhattan Oak
Grigio Rabbit Oak
Juta Oak
Lavagna Oak
Londra 2021 Oak
Mercurio Oak
Nero Oak
New Pergamon Oak
Petalo Oak
Petrolio Oak
Polline Oak
Rosso Casale Oak
Rosso Fuoco Oak
Rosso Lacca Oak
Rosso Rubino Oak
Salice Oak
Sambuco Oak
Shy Oak
Skin Oak
Spring Oak
Stone Oak
Tan Pink Oak
Tè Verde Oak
Terra Oak
Verde Comodoro Oak
Verde Libano Oak
Verde Oliva Oak
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