Arbi offers bathroom units in different styles to suit all tastes in interior design. There are numerous types of functional and designer doors that fit perfectly in any bathroom space, making it practical, dynamic and functional. Comfortable grips and design elements are a feature of every collection, making it recognisable and one of a kind.

Door with handle/push pull

Door handle/push-pull
Clean lines and absolute rigour are the elements that define units with a smooth door. The push-pull opening lends elegance and linearity to the composition while retaining a minimal, clean design. For an instant, comfortable grip the door can be completed with a number of handles, available in different materials and refined finishes, which give practicality without compromising on design.

Door with built-in handle

Groove door
Featuring a comfortable grip built into the door, bathroom units with the groove door stand out for the absolute cleanness of line that makes them aesthetically pleasing but at the same time functional. A perfect balance between design and functionality.

Curved door

Curved door
Soft lines to accommodate any space requirement characterise units with the curved door, available in versions with an integrated grip or a handle. Alternating delicate shapes and defined geometries, where aesthetic requirements and space meet.

Door with frame

Frame door
An elegant aluminium frame is the distinguishing feature of the door, which also includes the comfortable integrated handle. A robust structure that adds class to the interior design, allowing an infinite number of chromatic and tactile compositions to be created in the body, top, front panels and sides. A strong support and minimalist design which adds class to the door, without compromising on the comfort of a groove handle grip.

Classic-style door

Classic door
The bathroom units with classic doors easily adapt to timeless and contemporary style bathrooms. A door with solid wood veneered frame and an oak finish is completed by a wood frame covered in the same finishes as the cabinet. The different knobs available also allow for an ergonomic grip, making the compositions pleasingly functional.