The color block bathroom

Arbi offers new color combinations, creating modern, lively and completely customizable bathrooms.

The wide colour palette allows you to create your own ideal environment with perfectly coordinated furniture, shower cubicles and shower trays, in line with your way of being and furnishing style. The company offers the possibility of combining Arbi Bathroom furniture with Ibra Showers shower cubicles and shower trays, choosing custom-made solutions that furnish the bathroom in an elegant and at the same time captivating way.

In Arbi, color becomes a transversal element, developing in every element and surface and creating bathroom environments with an exclusive and engaging look.

The possibility of being able to combine all the elements of the bathroom furniture – such as fronts and profiles, tops and sinks – with the profiles of the shower cubicles, shower trays and bathtubs Ibra Showers, offers a new concept of the bathroom environment which combines service functionality with design.

A new unique experience to totally immerse yourself in the world of color.