The journey into Arbi production begins

Each Arbi piece of furniture starts with a careful selection of raw materials to embody quality, refinement and design. Each element is made with extreme professionalism and attention to details, to create a refined and unique piece of furniture. The high experience and know-how of the specialized artisans who work in Arbi allows us to carry out work on solid wood, such as doors, frames and plinths, one of the added values ​​which make  the company standing out in the market. To maintain high quality standards, Arbi has internalized the entire production process, from the choice of raw materials to the conception of each product. It is from here that each Arbi piece of furniture begins to take shape and it undergoes the production cycle according to its finish: wood, lacquer or melamine. The wooden models of the Arbi line come to life from the processing of veneers, an activity which encompasses mastery and elegance. The production of melamine and lacquered furniture starts with the processing of chipboard or MDF panels, to be transformed into furniture.

All bars are now ready to enter the sawmill department.