Ecol Design Award

Arbi wins the Ecol Design Award 2022, an award which testifies to the company’s strong commitment to the environment, thanks to the adoption of highly eco-efficient models.

An award of excellence in the environmentalism obtained thanks to a sustainable circular economy approach and the numerous environmental solutions adopted. In fact, the certificate aims to highlight the continuous perseverance of the company in designing and tracing an eco-sustainable path together with Recycla, which favors proper waste management and particular attention to environmental pollution.


The partnership with Recycla has allowed Arbi to recover 100% of waste, avoiding the production of 7,779 kilos of waste and 182 kilos of carbon dioxide. The green activities implemented have also allowed to save 34,836 kg of fossil fuel and to save 65,825 liters of water.

With the choice of the ECOL360 ° Environmental Management System, adopting all measures to keep internal collection effective, Arbi has entered the Ecol Design Club, continuing to work together with Recycla for a sustainable future.

A great satisfaction for the company which has always paid particular attention to environmental sustainability and recycling.