An important recognition for Arbi which has always paid particular attention to the environmental sustainability and the recycling, adopting numerous measures to maintain high environmental efficiency.

The Ecol Design Award is a recognition that testifies to the continuous perseverance in designing and tracing together with Recycla an eco-sustainable path, which favors proper waste management. For Arbi this is an important milestone that recognizes the high environmental efficiency in the company.

The partnership with Recycla has made it possible to revalue 100% of waste, avoiding the production of 3,934 kilos of waste and the extraction of 19,284 kilos of fossil fuel. Arbi has also cut the trips dedicated to environmental transport by 20% and preserved 44,830.8 liters of water.

The experience with Recycla has allowed Arbi to intensify its commitment to sustainability, adopting green approaches to the circular economy. The company is proud to have been awarded as an active part in the balance of the Planet and will always continue to work with passion to build a sustainable future.