Arbi Arredobagno

The Japandi style in bathroom furnishings

The harmonious fusion between essential aesthetics and warm colours brings to mind the typical Scandinavian furniture – known as Japandi style – which gives life to environments with a minimalist style, where balance, brightness and functionality meet. This mood is reinterpreted in bathroom furnishings with natural materials that give warmth and authenticity to the spaces and with a colour palette focused on neutral shades, clean lines and essential shapes. The delicacy and sobriety of the furnishings are also found in the bathroom, which is transformed into a space for reflection and tranquillity.

Arbi offers numerous solutions that reinterpret the atmosphere of the Nordic style with different proposals that combine style and design.
To create the right atmosphere and to personalize each bathroom, Arbi offers the combination of innovative washbasins with refined shapes, tops in different materials, mirrors, spotlights, accessories and functional complements to match the shower cubicles, shower trays, freestanding bathtubs and radiators present in the Ibra Showers program.

The multitude of Arbi proposals allows you to furnish the bathroom with numerous fine finishes in neutral and delicate colours, such as Portofino Chiaro from the Luxor collection or the numerous lacquered finishes with soft and sophisticated nuances. Added to these are fine shades such as Cream Oak and Essenza which are expressed with the ribbed version in the Luxor model.

Not just bathroom furniture: in the Japandi style space you can’t miss the freestanding bathtubs which appear like sculptures with soft and delicate shapes, capable of giving elegance and style to the environment. Solar, Roman, Wanda, Elsa, Panier are just some of the various bathtubs offered by Arbi, which fit harmoniously into any bathroom environment.