Bathroom furniture

Bathroom furnishing collections by Arbi.

A wide range of furnishing solutions for your bathroom: units in different styles from traditional to modern, to satisfy your every need. Discover our products.


Absolute: Modern, elegant bathroom units.

Design as a natural expression of the bathroom furniture.

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Code: Modular, customisable bathroom units.

Bathroom furniture capable of furnishing any space in style.

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Face: Modern bathrooms with polished shapes and a minimal look.

Style and elegance concentrated in compact, monolithic and functional units.

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Materia: Modern bathroom units with feature details.

Simplicity is the new order of the day for your bathroom furniture.

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Sky: High-end bathroom units that make feature pieces.

Bathroom furniture, between nature and technology. Between style and elegance.

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Street: Modern bathroom furniture is all about materials and contrasts.

Research into the right materials is a must when it comes to bathroom furniture.

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Linfa: Elegant wood grain for your bathroom furniture projects.

Bathroom furnishing solutions meet worked wood grain: elegant and modern.

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Inka: Italian bathroom furniture setting the trend.

The bathroom becomes an expression of trends and lifestyle.

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Fusion: Discover designer bathroom furniture.

Designer bathroom units charm with their sinuous forms and structured patterns.

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Alma: Accessories and units to personalise the bathroom space.

Accessories and units to personalise the bathroom space.

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Memo: Arbi bathroom units harbour a stylish soul.

Bathroom units that play with shape and bring materials together.

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Game: Functional units for a modern bathroom.

The perfect modern bathroom unit for its aesthetic and functional details.

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Maison: The traditional hanging and free-standing bathroom units evoke times gone by.

Relive the atmosphere of times gone by with traditional bathroom furniture.

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Augusto: Classic-contemporary bathroom furnishings.

Hanging and floor-standing bathroom units. Between classic and contemporary.

Discover the collection Augusto
Download the catalogue Augusto
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